Managed Services

IT Service Management. IT’s quite easy.

We are committed in giving the best IT Managed Services that help ensure your company’s compliance with regulations, taking out the complexity off of your hands and letting you focus on your business.

Security and Compliance

Our IT Management is capable of keeping your data secure, reducing the risk of hacking, ransomware and data theft. We do not only secure the data, but also detect and prevent intruders from possible impingement.

Networking and Infrastructure

Make your network robust enough for the task. HTech’s Managed Services help maintain your network, ensuring that your uptime is being maximized, and that there is an infrastructure always backing it up for your business to run efficiently.

Disaster Recovery

Avoid devastating impact in your business. Despite the inevitable disasters such as fatal server loss or damage of premises, HTech safeguards your business through getting things back up the quickest possible. Using our disaster recovery features and failover measures, we ensure business continuity service to keep the downtime to its bare minimum.

Cloud Services

Reduce hardware costs and keep your data safe from loss with managed Cloud Services along with Software-as-a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. These allow you to access software and infrastructure through Cloud, reducing upfront costs, storage costs and energy consumption.

24/7/365 Remote Support

As you treat your business with much importance, you need assurance that whenever things go wrong, there are people you can contact for help at any time. HTech’s Managed Services allow customers to contact our 24/7/365 support whenever a problem arises, providing a quick response while getting straight to the solution.

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